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We can carry out numerous activities, such as:

Diameter: Did you know… that we repair/supply propellers with a diameter of 80 mm (model ships) up to a diameter of 2500 mm (e.g. coasters)

Damage:  Did you know… that we can repair propellers that have been damaged, if pieces have broken off, if blades have been bent or edges have been dented

Saving Fuel: Did you know… that when a propeller operates at the right RPM, fuel usage and speed will be optimised. If your propeller is too heavy or too light  with respect to RPM, we shall adjust it for you.

Engine Replacement: Did you know… that when replacing an engine, we can calculate whether your propeller should be adjusted. In some cases the pitch setting may be adjusted to 50% and up.

Nozzle:  Did you know… that when you’re placing a nozzle, we can adjust your propeller’s model and pitch setting if the position of the blades has been adapted to the nozzle, even if the nozzle is being removed.

Thickening the Surface with brace welding:  Did you know… that when your propeller is wearing too thin, but the material is still in order, we can thicken it up for you? This can be done for  CuNiAl and Bronze propellers, saving you money in comparison to buying a new one. It will be as strong as a new one because we strengthen the surface with brace welding.

Output:  Did you know… that your propeller might be suitable to be added on to? When the tips are broadened the output will be increased by the blades moving larger amounts of water. The speed may be increased by 300 to 800 meters per hour. When you’re docking let us check your propeller to see if it’s suitable for this type of adjustment.

Did you know that after repair we allways balance your propeller and apply an anti-singing edge too!